Régis Huby Sextet

“Bliss”… Happiness in contemplation. Taking the time to let yourself be crossed. Taking the precious time of slowness in a world that preaches speed. Taking the time to taste and breathe. To take the time to look and observe the world around us in all its minutiae. Take the time to marvel.

With Régis HUBY, Samuel BLASER, Clément PETIT, Claude TCHAMITCHIAN, Michele RABBIA

New’Garo – Tribute to Claude Nougaro

Fred Pallem orchestra

To mark the 20th anniversary of Claude Nougaro’s death, Fred Pallem will orchestrate an exceptional evening of the artist’s greatest songs. Featuring some twenty “sacred” musicians and an all-star vocal line-up, they will unveil rearranged versions of Claude’s songs, each with his or her own personal vision of his music and words.

With Souad Massi, André Minvielle, Babx, Thomas de Pourquery, Ray Lema, Gabi Hartmann, Mélissa Laveaux, San Severino, Marion Rampal, Jowee Omicil, Jacques Gamblin,…

Soundiata, une épopée musicale

Sekouba Bambino Diabate,  Christophe Cagnolari

Elinoa et le Wanderlust orchestra

Ville totale

Orchestre Danzas – Sinfonia

Jean-Marie Machado

Shapes of The Fall Tour

Piers Faccini

Le Sacre du Tympan

Fred Pallem

Les chansons climatiques

Jacques Rebotier

Can you hear me?

Joëlle Léandre tentet

La grande table !

a gastronomic concert imagined by Joce Mienniel

Orchestre Danzas – Pictures of orchestra

Jean-Marie Machado